No more

It's time to stop making excuses and start making changes. We have developed the first 100% plant-based and free of plastic packaging solution that comes without the usual trade-offs. The future of packaging starts today.


Paper & Fiber-Based Packaging

The most revolutionary packaging solutions

100% Plant-Based

Paper Cups & Paper Lids
Paper Plates
Paper Salad Bowls & Paper Lids
HyperCell Fiber Cutlery
HyperCell Fiber Plates
HyperCell Fiber Tray Square
HyperCell Fiber Tray Rectangular

Your brand like never before

We succeed when you succeed. That's why we are focused on making your brand stand out thanks to our innovative printing solutions.

We work with two different technologies, so you can get what you need no matter your timings or quantities.

For shorter batches and faster turnarounds, Digital Tech is the way to go.
Flexo Tech is recommended for longer runs.

Embracing a circular production model

Because words won't save the planet

We knew it was time to rethink how we produce our goods. So we did. We have developed a completely sustainable manufacturing process using energy from renewable sources only. What's more, we have disposed of all toxic materials. No plastics, no toxic glues, no films... no harmful anything.

Why? Because we are the first generation with the information, technology and means to propose a real change. Our commitment is to have a positive impact in the world by improving packaging solutions, and making our impact measurable and verifiable. Words won't save the planet, our collective effort will.

Industry 4.0

The most innovative materials and manufacturing systems

The most advanced fiber in the market. A game changer. Water resitant, grease proof, fluor free, strong as hell.
Artificial Intelligence
We use predective models in our manufacturing process for diferent purposes. We have developed different algorithms to improve our processes turning our factory into a big machine learning ecosystem.
Internet of Things
We have more than 500 sensors available to measure every single step of our production facility.
Our aim is to achieve a fully automated factory with human-machine interaction in key processes. From manufacturing to logistics.
3D Printing
We use additive manufacturing technology in certain parts of our manufacturing process to develop fast and safe prototypes.
R&D Center
We have a lab where we are creating the next HyperCell generations. The best is yet to come.
EU Technology
All of our products are responsibly produced in Barcelona, used by companies around the globe.

Our production facility in Barcelona has the most advanced technology, which allows us to make HyperCell and our 100% plant-based solution for paper cups, bowls, lids, and plates.


Our markets

We provide the best vending cups with a strict quality control and different printing options. All of it based on solid sustainability standards.

A truly sustainable solution without compromising convenience. Help your customers access less harming solutions and contribute to reducing plastic use.

A whole tableware solution that will please your product and sustainability teams alike. The perfect balance between sustainability, quality and convenience; we are here to help you reach your brand objectives & plastic reduction goals.

Our pulp trays have been designed to fit your automated packing machines seamlessly. It's time to give retailers and end-users what they have been demanding.

We offer a wide range designed under a real new purpose: reducing tones of plastic. Your professional customers are demanding it. Coming laws are ready to enforce it. You must be ready to implement it; and we look forward to helping you out.

100% plastic free, reliable water-based inks, ongoing marketing support, and no MOQ requirements. No matter what you need, we have the ultimate sustainable paper cup for you.